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In the midst of the hectic Christmas season find hope for a lifetime through Max Lucado’s book Because of Bethlehem.

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What’s eating you?

Rachel looked at the chocolate-covered donut in her hand. As she took her first bite, she wondered, “Why am I eating this? I”m not really hungry, but the plate of goodies sitting by the office coffee pot just looks good. Besides, my boss is making me crazy!” But is there more to the story? For most of us, yes. …We eat out


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favor provision

Pray for unemployment to go through and temp disability to go through and quickly and the that the amount i receive is good in Jesus...

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Burdened Family

We are a young family starting out our December with some difficulty. We’ve been told we need to replace the boiler for our furnace (a safety issue in our...

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Healing of Mouth

This morning I felt a strange bump on my gums and yesterday, as I ate, it was hurting there. Maybe I have a cavity, but I just want to pray that You’d heal...

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